Justin Mills - Cameraman & Film Maker

Self-Shooting Producer/Director

Drawing on experience as both cameraman and producer, I have made dozens of films worldwide. Frequently the locations have been in remote parts of the developing world in challenging circumstances, where a significant part of the job is working with first-time fixers and gaining the confidence and trust of  local contributors. The other challenge is to shoot with style and even humour,  and make the films thought-provoking without subject matter feeling too ‘worthy’. I am very confident to produce good work with a return ticket, minimal story brief and stripped-down shooting kit.

Selected Credits

Working Lives: Havana – BBC World  (30′) BBC Cuba Correspondent Will Grant looks at life in Havana through the eyes of 5 people with very different outlooks in early 2016, as their country braces itself for the biggest changes in a generation.

Click BBC2  Malawi – Following weatherman Peter Gibbs as he launches a pimped-up weather balloon – over Malawi… and the new Onebillion app, an online learning tablet aiming at transforming educational outcomes in a country where many primary school classrooms are crowded with hundreds of pupils per teacher

One Square Mile – BBC World – Bitter Harvest/Laos  (30′) Reporter Vasanthi Hariprakash explores life in a remote village once on the Ho Chi Minh trail, where villagers scratch out a living on land still peppered with unexploded shells and cluster bombs from the Vietnam war (One Planet Pictures)

Eukanuba’s Amazing Dogs – Channel 5  The work of incredible canines from around the world – Japan x 2 (Back2Back Productions)

UNEP Champions of the Earth Interview-based tribute films for UN Environment Programme annual awards to visionaries and leaders in the fields of policy, science, entrepreneurship, and civil society action  –various locations and personalities Barbados, Geneva, Stockholm, Rio De Janeiro, Curitiba, Los Angeles/Michael Gorbachev (Back2Back Productions)

Responsible Business TV – CNBC Companies making the difference with ethical and sustainable business practices or products. UK, Japan x 2 (Back2 Back Productions)

Aga Khan Award for Architecture  Wadi Hanifah, former rubbish dump transformed to green oasis in the dry zone surrounding Riyadh

Heritage Heroes BBC World  Saudi Arabia – A medieval hill village and trading post on ancient Caravanserai routes restored to it’s former glory. (Litmus Films/ One Planet Pictures)

Climate Challenge – BBC World  India – The trouble with Biofuels – Can a new biofuel being cultivated by the poorest of the poor in Maharashtra become part of the answer to reducing India’s massively expanding carbon footprint? (One Planet Pictures)

The World Challenge –BBC World Annual Awards to projects or small businesses making a difference at grass-roots level. In combination with Newsweek and Shell, the winner is the finalist with the most votes from readers/viewers. I made a number of films (UK, South Africa, Ukraine etc), including two which went on to win (One Planet Pictures)

2009 –A new safe lamp designed to reduce the huge number of burn injuries and deaths among the 20% of people with no access to electricity

2006 – Maximus Elephant Paper, produced by a company aiming to solve Human Elephant conflict brought on by increasing competition for land

Climate Change – Your View – BBC World One man’s view of climate change on his doorstep in Kerala state, India

The Ashden Awards – BBC World Films for annual awards for excellence in green energy –  Many stories, covering the gamut of sustainable energy technology transforming lives at the local level, both in UK and some of the poorest parts of the world – Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh, UK (Thompson Foundation)

Earth Report/Hands On – BBC World– Award-Winning multi-media Series – practical and empowering solutions to sustainable development in the developing world.– Many films for various series, including – Picohydropower in the hills of  NW Vietnam,  Backyard fish farming in Lagos Nigeria, Schoolkids learning cutting edge farming techniques in the Rift valley Kenya, Plastics from Corn in Italy, Rainwater Harvesting in Sri Lanka etc.. (One Planet Pictures)

UK A2CofC licenced Drone Pilot

HEFAT Trained (1st Option 04/21)

Valid ‘I’ Visa for working in USA

Fluent in Japanese

Award for Excellence – Factual Camerawork Guild of Television Cameraman

BBC Health and Safety Passport